Alternative to Boomi

Nowadays, ambitious e-commerce companies cannot avoid working with different software systems. That's nice, because every system does what it is good at. The problem: these systems don't work together. There are numerous integration partners to solve this problem. Boomi is one of those.

What distinguishes OrderChief from Boomi? You can read it on this page.

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DIY vs. Full-service

OrderChief offers a full-service integration experience

Boomi offers IT service providers a platform to quickly set up integrations on an enterprise scale. OrderChief offers a full-service integration. We take care of all IT-related aspects of the project. All you need is knowledge of your own process. That, combined with our knowledge of integration, creates magic! ✨

300k+ vs. 100+ apps

All-in-one vs. focus on the order process

Boomi has over 300,000 apps in their arsenal. An incredible number. You can choose an integration that connects your mailing software to your website or one that connects your calendar to your project management tool. And much more. OrderChief focuses entirely on integrating data related to the order process. Call it a specialization.

Long story short: you choose Boomi as an enterprise company that has its own IT staff to set up and maintain integrations. You choose OrderChief if you do not want to deal with the technical side of the project yourself and want to fully automate your order process.

Are we a match?

Discuss your situation with an OrderChief colleague

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