Connect Channable to your business software

Do you or the agency you work with use Channable? Connect Channable to your business software instead of your webshop via OrderChief. All information is automatically transferred and you can continue to do what you do best. You sell, we connect.

Easy peasy

Connect this software, just like that

We are putting in the work to develop the best connectors we can. Below are the business software we currently support and which are listed on the roadmap. Your software no included? Let us know.

On our roadmap

Below you'll find software we are currently working on or will start working on in the near future.

Oracle Netsuite
Oracle NetSuite
Infor Rhythm for Commerce
Oc channable flow

How will a Channable integration work?

OrderChief works 100% automatically. We connect different data streams, from orders to invoices and stock changes. What you connect depends on your situation and working method.

A well-known situation is: orders, products and stock changes. OrderChief ensures that these data streams are fully synchronized between Channable and your business software. This way, new orders from Channable automatically enter your business software. When you handle these, OrderChief sends updated stock levels back to Channable. Everything completely automatic.

Subtle yet important

The difference between Channable and OrderChief

Channable and OrderChief are both capable of connecting marketplaces directly. There are some differences though. With Channable, for example, you can fully tailor your product feed to the sales channel you send it to or automatically optimize the prices of your products. However it doesn't connect with your business software out of the box. Here is where OrderChief comes in play.


Experience our joyful approach

Done with impersonal no-code tools and standard integrations? Need someone on the other end of the line who actually helps? Exactly that is OrderChief's joyful integration experience!

Orderchief plan an introduction for your Shopify integration
1. Let's meet

Let's get to know each other! Together we explore your situation.

Together we configure your Shopify integration
2. Configuration

We configure the integration your way, even if you have multiple sales channels.

We launch your Shopify integration
3. Launch

Ready? Then OrderChief does the rest, 100% automatically!

Scalable Shopify integration

Reduce manual work with OrderChief

Less manual work, fewer errors and enormous scalability. That's the benefit of OrderChief for your e-commerce business. That's the benefit for your customers. Whether you run 100 or 100,000 orders a month; OrderChief can handle it.


This is what makes OrderChief different

  • Focus on your core business
    You do not have to worry about the integrations and their maintenance.
  • No IT knowledge or IT staff needed
    We already have them! OrderChief is a full-service integration experience. No iPaaS, low-code or no-code platform.
  • Fast and scalable
    Thanks to our microservice architecture à la Netflix, we quickly connect new apps to your integration, making scalability an understatement.
  • Supports replatforming
    When you decide to switch webshop or business software, OrderChief will switch with you!

Receive a tailor-made quote

OrderChief provides a lot of value, you read that. But what investment is involved? Fill in our calculator and receive a non-binding quote, tailor-made!