Connect WooCommerce to your business software

Are you tired of manually copying orders from your shop to your business software? Do you want to automate the order flow between WooCommerce and your business software? OrderChief doesn't require you to have any IT knowledge or staff. We connect. You sell.

Easy peasy

Connect this software, just like that

Our developers are working hard everyday to build the best connectors possible. Below you will find the business software we currently support. Is your software not listed? First take a look at our apps page, as that page is updated regularly. Still missing your software? You can request your software at the bottom of that apps page as well.

Oc woocommerce flow
How do they do it?

How will a WooCommerce integration work?

OrderChief fully automates the data through your processes. From orders to invoices and stock mutations. Which data flows where and what systems you connect is up to you and your workflow.

A common scenario to integrate is orders, shipments and stock mutations. When integrating this scenario, WooCommerce orders will directly appear in your business software. Your ERP software for example. There you handle the order and OrderChief sends back the updated order data to WooCommerce.


Experience our joyful approach

Done with impersonal no-code tools and standard integrations? Need someone on the other end of the line who actually helps? Exactly that is OrderChief's joyful integration experience!

Orderchief plan an introduction for your Shopify integration
1. Let's meet

Let's get to know each other! Together we explore your situation.

Together we configure your Shopify integration
2. Configured your way

We configure the integration your way, even if you have multiple sales channels.

We launch your Shopify integration
3. Launch

Ready? Then OrderChief does the rest, 100% automatically!

Scalable Shopify integration
Safe time and frustration

Reduce manual work with OrderChief

No manual data entry, fewer errors and super scalable. 100 or 100,000 orders a month, OrderChief can take the load off of your hands. Start focusing your attention on work that matters.

Not just any integration

This is what makes OrderChief different

  • Focus on your core business
    You do not have to worry about the integrations and their maintenance.
  • No IT knowledge or IT staff needed
    We already have them! OrderChief is a full-service integration experience. No iPaaS, low-code or no-code platform.
  • Fast and scalable
    Thanks to our microservice architecture à la Netflix, we quickly connect new apps to your integration, making scalability an understatement.
  • Supports replatforming
    When you decide to switch webshop or business software, OrderChief will switch with you!

  • Big partner network
    Focus on what you do best. That's what we believe in. That's why we have a wide range of partners for all needs. PIM, WMS or labeling software? We got you.
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Know where you stand

Get a free quick-scan

We provide a free quick-scan to map out your integrations possibilities. After the quick-scan you have a clear overview of the software you use and how they could possibly integrate with each other.