About us

People are needed to make OrderChief the best joyful integration experience. Good people. Fun people. Want to know who works for you every day? You will find them on this page.


OrderChief is the only integration-as-a-service with a personal approach

When you compare OrderChief to alternatives, you quickly find out: there is no such thing as OrderChief. With one provider you get access to an online environment and you then need technical knowledge to set everything up. With the other you don't need any technical knowledge, but you are bothered with a confusing pricing model. We thought this had to be different.

Scalable Shopify integration

OrderChief originated from Semso

Semso built custom software connections. They have been doing this since 2015. While they initially took on all types of projects, this has increasingly focused on trade and e-commerce. In 2022, they decided to pour all that experience in trade and e-commerce integrations into a product: OrderChief. A box of blocks to put together your own connection landscape. We will arrange that for you, from A to Z.

The team

Niek ressing
Niek Ressing

Sales and co-founder

Lucas heezen
Lucas Heezen

Developer and co-founder

Hilal berk ekici
Hilal-Berk Ekici


Joris huinink
Joris Huinink


Mees huinink
Mees Huinink