From Excel, CSV or JSON file automatically to your software

Do you regularly receive order files that you have to enter into your system manually? In addition to connecting apps, we also support automatically importing files. Everything for smoother order processing!

It all starts with a file

The file type you provide does not matter to us. The only condition is that the file has a fixed structure, for example:

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • XML

We do not support PDF files and images.

Together we decide what information we need. Once all that information is in the file, we can proceed.

Scalable Shopify integration

Let's deliver the file!

The file with the data in it is available and correct. This is followed by delivery. This can also be done in any way you like, but the most commonly used methods are:

  • E-mail box
  • (S)FTP server

In most cases, your customer ensures delivery in the agreed manner and OrderChief takes care of the automatic import. If something goes wrong, you will receive a notification and you will see this in our portal.

We can import files automatically, but we can also share files automatically via e-mail or a (s)ftp server.

Practical examples

A good practical example is Polewolf. They put a .CSV file on an FTP server. This file contains multiple orders. OrderChief picks up this file and places all orders in the systems of your choice - Exact Online in this case.

The disadvantage of an automatic file import

An automatic file import does not only have advantages. CSV and Excel files are often put together manually. This easily causes errors to creep in or changes the file format. In the latter case, the file cannot be imported. The data must always be delivered in the same way. Only then can we continue to guarantee automatic import.

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Looking for an automatic file import?

Tired of retyping or copy-pasting order files? We understand. Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to think along with you.