ChannelEngine was founded in 2013 with the idea that marketplaces would eventually become indispensable. And they were right! You can easily sell on more than 100 marketplaces via their platform. You manage orders and products for all your marketplaces from ChannelEngine. What happens if we develop a integration between ChannelEngine and the software you use every day? Right. Magic ✨

Why use ChannelEngine?

In today's e-commerce landscape, it is almost impossible to connect with all marketplaces via separate integrations. Pre-made connectors are available for the big boys such as and Amazon, but this is certainly not the case for all marketplaces. You cannot avoid doing a lot manually or having a custom connection made that is expensive in realization and maintenance.

Thanks to our partnership with ChannelEngine, you can integrate your orders, shipments and stock with all your favorite marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. And that through one connection. ChannelEngine streamlines the orders and product information for all these different marketplaces.