EffectConnect is a Marketplace Integration Platform that provides seamless integrations with marketplaces across Europe.

In 2011, EffectConnect was the first marketplace integrator to build a link with bol.com. Since then, they have helped many brands, wholesalers, e-commerce organisations and retailers to easily scale their operations abroad by integrating all their marketplace sales into one centralised system.

EffectConnect solves these challenges

  • Are you currently working with different systems for your inventory management, order processing and logistics? With EffectConnect, you centre everything in one place so you never have to switch between multiple systems again.
  • Do you find it difficult to keep an overview or to really understand what you are getting out of your marketplace sales? The advanced dashboard combines data from all your systems. This gives you real control over your marketplace sales.
  • Are you losing sales to competitors? Do you often miss the buy-box? Outsmart the competition with dynamic pricing by using pricing rules that always fit your current market situation.
  • Are you facing tight profit margins or want to improve your margins? In EffectConnect, you can use all kinds of situation-dependent price components in your formulas, allowing you to optimise your prices for literally any situation.