Type 2 Solutions

Thanks to collaboration with Type 2 Solutions, your SSCC labels will always comply with the correct GS1 standard

When you supply food or theft-sensitive products to retailers, traceability becomes increasingly important. You increase this with SSCC codes that are stuck to the load carriers via labels, but must also be present on the EDI packing note. This is precisely where the shoe pinches! Within most EDI solutions, there is no automatic link between packing note and label. Result; a lot of manual work and errors lurking.

With Type 2 Solutions, we have found a partner that supports all certified GS1 labels out-of-the-box with Palletlabel.com. Together, we have developed a link with our EDI solutions. This automatically rolls out SSCC labels that comply with the GS1 standard and also correspond to the digital EDI packing slip.