A Fish Named Fred

A Fish Named Fred was founded in 2011 by Rob Schalker and Martin van den Nouwland with the mission to make the world happier and more colorful. The brand offers a wide range of menswear and accessories with bold and playful designs. The clothing is known for its bright colours, quirky patterns and unusual textures, made from high-quality materials such as cotton and linen. Fred's products are durable and loved by men who want to make a statement.

A Fish Named Fred, known for its bold and colorful menswear, faced the challenge of inefficient manual processes due to the lack of integration between their Reflecta ERP system and BigCommerce webshop. Seeking a reliable integration partner, they found the solution in OrderChief. By leveraging their scalable connection platform, OrderChief successfully integrated BigCommerce with Reflecta, automating data flows for product information, stock, orders, and shipments. As a result, A Fish Named Fred achieved time savings, reduced errors, and cost savings, while appreciating OrderChief's personalized approach and efficient communication.

Personal and individual attention is very important to us. We found that with OrderChief.

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