BoXXer is 100% Dutch, founded in 2003 and has been the fastest growing electronics store chain in the Netherlands for five years. With stores throughout the country, sales via the webshop and the claim that they can supply more than 80,000 devices and accessories directly from stock, a smooth order flow is of great importance. This is easily arranged thanks to smart connections between different sales channels, logistics systems and the ERP. And that pays off!

Smoothly processing the many orders from various marketplaces, sales channels and retail stores into our system has always been a challenge. Since we started using OrderChief, not only has the order flow been smooth, but these orders are also processed directly in our ERP and logistics system. This allows us to deliver to our customers considerably faster and we have a clear overview of the order flow.

One question leads to more integrations

BoXXer came to us with the request to connect ChannelEngine with Wuunder and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Soon three additional connections were requested. We have ensured that new products from the ERP automatically enter the PIM. The product information in the ERP is also synchronized with Akeneo, so that basic attributes are automatically transferred from the PIM. And Magento is connected to Wuunder, so that orders can also be processed automatically via that route!

We still have more connections for BoXXer in the pipeline. We love a collaboration that runs smoothly on both sides and produces great results!

Connected apps

Below you can find the apps we've connected for BoXXer.

OrderChief has now become a tool that we have centrally integrated into our infrastructure and that is constantly taken into account.

Orderchief a different approach

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