E-commerce integration for Hottuning

For Hottuning, we integrated their entire e-commerce landscape with their business software: Exact Online. Want to know how it went and what they gained from it? You can read about it below!

Hottuning is the specialist for convertible drivers. Based in the Achterhoek region, they sell high-quality parts for convertibles, such as screw sets and windscreens, through various channels. Customers worldwide have noticed this, as their products are now sold globally. Hottuning is one of the early adopters of our OrderChief platform. With Exact Online as their ERP system, three marketplaces, a Lightspeed webshop, and order delivery through CSV files, they are an excellent example of an OrderChief customer that we are proud to highlight.

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What was the challenge, and how did you end up with OrderChief?

"Previously, our sales channels were not linked to a central inventory system, which made our inventory unpredictable. It took a lot of manual work to keep it up to date, so we were looking for a way to solve this."

"We had already been in contact with OrderChief for another issue, but it didn't quite fit at the time. Then we received an email from OrderChief announcing their new product. That sounded interesting, so we started talking, and it was a good match!"

Why OrderChief, and how was the collaboration?

"During the project's inventory phase, OrderChief had a good story. We extensively mapped out the situation and made a good plan based on that. It felt good. We also like that our partners are a little closer. So it's ideal that OrderChief is also located in Lichtenvoorde!"

"Hilal is our contact person, and the collaboration went well. When I had scheduled time to work on the integration and had a question, it was answered quickly and completely. It's great to be able to keep going like that."

"OrderChief was also able to answer most of our Exact Online questions well. I understand that they are not Exact Online consultants, but the Exact Online knowledge they have was very helpful for us."

"The implementation time was very neat for such a solution!"

How do you like the result?

"OrderChief now works very well, and we are happy with how everything works. It gives us a big time savings and a reliable system. The time we save, we now invest in further optimizing our processes."

Would you recommend OrderChief?

"I would definitely recommend OrderChief to others. The collaboration was pleasant, partly due to the very short lines of communication. I also found the turnaround time of about 2.5 months (from first email contact to going live) very reasonable for such a project. We intentionally did this in the low season so we could test it quietly. That is a strong recommendation."

"I don't know if I necessarily have an improvement point, but what caused some uncertainty for me was the track & trace integration. We were told that it could and would all be easy. In the end, it took quite a while before the track & trace was linked and working. This was probably a minor miscommunication, but one that could have been clarified."

Orderchief a different approach

Hottuning as an early adopter

We are thrilled that Hottuning has given us the trust to implement OrderChief with them. There is always room for improvement, but overall, we also experienced this project as a success. It is especially satisfying to hear a few months after delivery that it is working well and what efficiency gains have been made.

Do you have an e-commerce challenge too?

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