Huisman Transport (Tables by Tim)

Huisman Transport is a real family business. As a small boy, grandfather Huisman accompanied his father with a horse and carriage, with which his father drove from Wamel to the auction in Tiel. Not much later the first truck arrived. In 2018, Huisman Transport was nominated as Maas & Waal Entrepreneur of the Year (see video below).

Huisman is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) partner of a large number of companies. This means that they take care of all of the logistics for them. This includes storage and shipping of products. For their customer Tables by Tim, we connected the Shopify shop to Huisman's systems. This way Huisman can immediately process the orders from Tables by Tim and the webshop also receives the correct data. This includes stock and track & trace information.

For several years now, Orderchief has been providing multiple integrations between our customer's system - Tables by Tim - and our own TMS and WMS. With these integrations we can quickly and easily receive orders, fulfill them and send the desired data back to our customers. This simplifies the process of both our customer and our own process. Orderchief's approach is transparent and pleasant. The response time is fast and they actively think along in solutions to achieve the desired result.

Connected apps

Below you find the apps we connected for Huisman.

Custom WMS
Custom TMS

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