The benefits of OrderChief

There are a lot of system integrators out there, so why should you use OrderChief? Good question! On this page we will dive into what sets OrderChief apart and why you should be using OrderChief.

Support for replatforming

When your business is growing your software has to grow with you. As a result you may switch from ERP software at some point. But what do you do when all of your sales channels and other software are connected to your ERP software through individual connections? You would have to rebuild all of those connections.

Not with OrderChief. When you switch ERP software, we only have to rebuild the connection with the new ERP software and all of the other connections remain in tact. Relatively simple replatforming.

Orderchief plan an introduction for your Shopify integration

Personal touch

With most integration platforms, you create an account and immediately start integrating your software without talking to a single person. Not with OrderChief. We will talk to you to map out your situation. You will receive a quote and after approval we will get to work for you. We'll take care of it for you.

No IT knowledge or staff required

Unlike many other integration tools, OrderChief does not require you to have any technical knowledge or technical staff. We sit down with you to map out your situation and then take everything out off your hands. This way you can keep the focus on your own company.

Orderchief a different approach

One integration to rule them all

The previous benefit already gave it away a bit. With OrderChief you have one point of contact and all your integrations under one roof. You can always give us a call and we'll be happy to help you out.


Insightful online portal

Sometimes it can be hard to grasp what an integration is doing for you or solving issues that arise within that integration. For that reason we created the OrderChief portal.


Want to know how others experience OrderChief?

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